Smarsh Enterprise Discovery Now Available Through Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Program

 Smarsh®, enabling organizations to manage the risk and uncover the value within their electronic communications, today announced that Enterprise Discovery is now co-sell ready as part of the company’s participation in the Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) program. The enterprise-grade application enables organizations to efficiently collect, review and produce employee electronic communications in support of litigation, internal investigations and audits.

Enterprise Discovery, Enterprise Supervision and the Smarsh Enterprise Archive can be deployed on Microsoft Azure and have secured OCP co-sell ready status. Smarsh and Microsoft go to market together with these integrated solutions to accelerate the compliant adoption of Microsoft Office 365, including Microsoft Teams, within the financial services industry.

“Electronic communications data continues to diversify and proliferate, and legacy infrastructure refresh cycles are becoming more expensive and resource-intensive,” said Brian Cramer, Smarsh CEO. “Where the data resides, and having flexible, immediate access to it, are key strategic decisions that impact organizations’ abilities to meet e-discovery and compliance requirements today and in the future.  The deployment of the Smarsh Connected Suite on Microsoft Azure enables organizations to future-proof in a highly regulated environment, and provides the strategic path forward for the global financial services industry.”

Enterprise Discovery provides a highly secure, defensible, and auditable workflow across all electronic communications. Content is preserved securely in evidentiary quality. Users can apply legal holds and rapidly cull, categorize, and analyze archived content. Customers can perform discovery across an industry-leading breadth of electronic communication channels, including email, collaboration platforms, mobile/text messaging, social media, and voice content.

Among these communication channels, Smarsh offers unique capture capabilities for Teams, capturing content in one-to-one chats, multi-party chats and persistent channels. This includes edits, deletes, replies, emojis, GIFs, files, stickers and links. Smarsh also enables voice recording, transcription and archiving for Teams. Once ingested into the Enterprise Archive, content is stored in immutable format, automatically indexed and accessible at any time in a search-ready state.