Reuters Events launch MOMENTUM Virtual Forum, November 9-10 featuring C level technologists across big tech and business

Reuters Events launch MOMENTUM Virtual Forum, November 9-10 featuring C level technologists across big tech and business | Fintech Finance

Reuters Events – today announced MOMENTUM Virtual Forum, taking place on November 9th – 10th. The 2-day strategic summit unites the most senior digital and tech executives from the world’s largest enterprises and innovative organizations to tackle the crucial tech trends shaping business strategy, leadership, and society today.

The summit will deliver two days of strategic insights across a comprehensive program designed around tech strategy, adoption & vision. Day one tackles tech’s mission critical challenges requiring answers today that will shape strategy & adoption for a generation. Day two looks to the future of tech with a handpicked faculty of visionaries, technologists and leaders setting out their tech powered vision for transforming business and connecting society. We have a gamechangers only policy!

MOMENTUM Virtual Forum, November 9-10 is the platform to create partnerships, challenge the possible and unleash the potential of technology.

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The Reuters Events Technology Team report an industry leading speaker line-up for 2020, including:

  • Saul Van Beurden, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Technology, Wells Fargo
  • Catherine P. Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Bank of America
  • Vish Sankaran, Senior Vice President & Global Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • Juan Perez, Chief Information and Engineering Officer, UPS
  • Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, Pfizer
  • Marie Myers, Chief Transformation Officer, HP

The MOMENTUM agenda released by Reuters Events Technology is both ambitious and comprehensive, and will cover these key themes:

Strategy & Adoption

Tackle the mission critical issues that will shape tech strategy & adoption for a generation.

  • Sustainability: Embed sustainability in every tech R&D roadmap to drive the net zero future
  • Security: Take a security first approach to ensure advances are not derailed by breaches
  • Trust: From A.I and data privacy to fake news, debate how to build trust in tech and its leaders
  • Access: Ensure innovation is for the many and not the few. How to make tech access equitable
  • Skills: Build an agile, diverse workforce that can envisage and deliver your next breakthrough
  • Investment: Leading investors plot the tech investment landscape for the next decade
  • Regulation: Hear from key policy makers; are they primed to regulate big tech?

A Vision for Tech

The pace of change has never been greater. With transformational technologies including AI, IoT, Blockchain and Quantum computing permeating every industry on the planet. Define the roadmap as to how these technologies will revolutionize business and connect society.

  • Healthcare: Define a roadmap for a technology-driven, equitable, patient-centric, accessible healthcare system. Harness tech to prepare and respond to future public health crises
  • Transportation: From autonomous and electric vehicles to next-gen ride hailing, see how automakers, cities and TNCs are enabling access to sustainability, on-demand mobility
  • Food & Agriculture: Grasp how tech is driving transparency and sustainability across the global food supply chain. Get inside the precision ag that is reducing impact and transforming yields
  • Energy: See how technology is transforming the ways in which we produce, distribute and harness energy. Map out the future energy system as it transitions to net-zero
  • Media & News: After a decade of tech disruption, both traditional and social media sits at an inflection point. What’s next as media organizations battle for users, trust and revenue?
  • Travel: Decimated by COVID-19, how will technology drive the rebuilding of the travel industry for the realities of a post-pandemic, climate-crisis conscious world
  • Finance & Investment: As AI and blockchain technologies begin to gain adoption, get inside the automated future for financial services industry
  • Entertainment: With the world stuck at home, does the unrelenting adoption of on-demand content signal a tipping point? Realize the future of immersive, personalized entertainment

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At Reuters Events, we understand the potential of technology and that decisions we make today will determine its future impact on society. MOMENTUM is the place to discuss changing consumer behavior, new offerings and business models as well as future technological innovation. Together we can challenge the possible and determine technology’s future impact, making our world a better place.” Stefan Mullan, Head of Technology, Reuters Events