Knowing Me, Knowing You: Using Insight Data to Adapt to Customer’s Changing Behaviours

David Smith, Chief Innovation Officer at Uinsure 

In the latest Google trends report, Google shares their insight into how the population has changed since 2019 through search terms. We have all been at home for over 4 months, mums, dads, kids, everyone in the home – which has never happened in my lifetime before. It prompts a change in behaviours and Google search trends is a great place to look and learn. It is a brilliant reflection of what we are all up to, and how you can benefit.

The report shows that there has been an 80% increase in search for ‘Best Online Bank’. In fact, the use of the word ‘Best’ has increased enormously; ‘Best Burger’ search is up 400% and people are searching more and more for reviews before making purchases. Google confirms that consumers are looking for reassurance and to validate their decisions.

‘Best Carpet Cleaner’ is enjoying a 50% YoY growth for searches – which is probably no surprise given the kids are all running around the house 24 hours a day with crisps, drinks and anything else that spoils the carpet. Not to mention the red wine, chicken bhuna and vodka diet Cokes that I am now surviving on. Accidents in the home are a by-product of being in the home more. Playing football or cricket indoors is not great for your TV or sound equipment either, it turns out.

There is a lot we can learn about our customers and what they both want and need when you read into the data. The takeaways are the importance of value, advice, and security. Let us take the ‘Best’ search term increase as an example and how consumers need to feel reassured. As Mortgage Advisers you are perfectly placed to provide this softer element of sales when it comes to Home Insurance alongside their mortgage.

Utilising review tools such as Defaqto to compare the current provider alongside Uinsure will provide comfort to the most anxious of Home Insurance buyers. Your knowledge and guidance are key to how they feel – the alternative is a sea of uncertainty in a maze of complicated offerings. What’s comforting about that? You will win every time. You also stop other firms getting hold of your customers’ data, which is a bigger risk to your business than they want you to know right now.

By providing your guidance you become that trusted source/search, especially when you point out some of those extra benefits that Uinsure 5 Star cover provides. Remember carpet cleaners – carpets covered – remember smashed TV’s during a makeshift indoor football match – protected with our Accidental Damage cover. Too many cheap products pushed by cuddly toys do not protect you from today’s common perils. You, the Mortgage Adviser, are your customers ‘Google’ – providing answers, comfort, and knowledge to reassure and advise.

The best thing is that when you do, the rewards are handsome too. Which might mean you googling ‘Best Online Bank’ to deposit all that extra income. Home Insurance also gives you a customer for life, not just a transaction. With just one home insurance case sold per week; within 5 years you could be earning an extra £50k income because of the recurring factor. Now that buys much more than the ‘Best Burger’.