Bison Trails Integrates Dapper Labs’ Flow Blockchain Onto Platform

Bison Trails, the premier blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company, announced today support for Flow blockchain. Bison Trails support of Flow will grant users access to its multi-role architecture, with support of all five Flow node types. Bison Trails is the only infrastructure provider to run and offer all node types, including one of only three Execution Nodes.

Flow is built by Dapper Labs, the company behind Cryptokitties, and was created to address protocol scalability challenges. Flow is geared towards becoming the blockchain foundation for the next generation of games, app, and digital asset developers to bridge the gap between billions of people, delivering rich digital experiences powered by blockchain. The protocol is designed to scale using a multi-role architecture rather than sharding, resulting in increased speed and throughput while remaining developer-friendly. Flow utilizes four different types of participation nodes—with one additional type, Access Nodes, as an equivalent to a Full Node.

Upon integrating Flow onto the Bison Trails platform, users will have access to all five node types and be able to participate in both Flow’s non-deterministic (“subjective”) processes, such as determining the presence and order of transactions in the blockchain, and deterministic (“objective”) ones, such as computing the result of those ordered transactions once it has been determined. Additionally, anyone delegating to Bison Trails’ enterprise validators on Flow can split their stake equally among four types of participation nodes. This makes it easy to optimize participation and rewards independent of changing inflation rates per node type.

“Bison Trails has extensive experience with Flow and has collaborated closely with the team to provide feedback on infrastructure requirements, operational costs, economics, and timelines,” said Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails. “Flow’s innovative multi-role architecture, resource-oriented programming, developer ergonomics, easy consumer onboarding, resource pricing, and storage deposits will be an asset to the industry at large.”

Dapper Labs also has partnerships with the NBA, Dr. Seuss, and UFC and recently launched on Flow the innovative NBA Top Shot app, a digital platform for blockchain-based collectibles officially licensed by NBA, which is currently in beta. For interested developers and builders, NBA Top Shot smart contract is now open-sourced for the community to check. Support of Flow on the Bison Trails platform will help scale the network securely, enabling applications like the NBA Top Shop to introduce more users to blockchain-powered experiences.

“The Bison Trails team really sets the standard for professional node operation,” said Dieter Shirley, Chief Architect for Flow. “Their team is reliable and committed, and goes beyond technical excellence to build communication and understanding in the wider community.”