FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, WealthTech… name any sector in financial services and there will a community of techs just itching to disrupt it with their digital wizardry, legacy-lite business models and plenty of entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Our first Fintech Finance magazine awards aim to capture and celebrate that spirit of corporate adventure. From the hottest technology area right now in Europe and the US –  payments – to less sexy subsectors, such as regulation, and Asia’s current obsession with insurtech, blockchain and analytics.

We’ve looked for examples of start-ups and established businesses that have shown themselves to be distinctly different and/or commendably focussed on customer service and innovation. While there’s no doubt that venture capital investment in Fintech companies slowed in Q3 of post-Brexit Britain – whether as a result of the referendum or as a natural levelling off – there has been no halt called on growth and development. Far from it. Once viewed as almost an irrelevance by large financial institutions, then a nuisance, many of these upstart.

Disrupters are now sought after by them as partners in collaboration, for direct investment and M&A. The banks have one aim – to adopt solutions that can reduce risk and improve customer engagement and Fintechs are their best chance of achieving it. These award winners represent the part played by every area of Fintech – the headline grabbers as well as the unsung heroes – and were selected from those who attended the big conferences this year, from Sibos to Dreamforce. Together, they represent the full breadth and depth of our global industry.

Award Winners List 2016

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